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Tuesday, November 26, 2013

HeartzDeepDeep story

Hello bloggers
For da first time i want to write about him . 

The Special One captured my heart

He's so humble person...
I've glad to have him in my life . He did well to fight for what he want .

Muhammad Asraf Bin Idris . Penang . 24yr
Asraf sangat2 penyabar dgn sikap yg lemah lembut ! ~pondan keww~ eh xlah!
Susah jgk nak jatuh cinta kat mamat ni mase tuhh..
for me, all people r close to me r not more than a friends..
we r hang out together .. but we r not couple at that time.
I just listen to his problems n bff like others.then 1day after
 a long time he become a single man.. haha

He start give me a hint , that he want to tackle me larhh..
haha..i just act like usual..just like a friend like bfore..
then, i just let it n we didnt declare as others couple did..
We became so close2 friends ever,
 first call for him , i wanted to use him as 'tayunk'
n he call me 'chinta'

After 1 years we close together, dugaan pun muncul tiba...
tiada ku duga dan tiada ku sangka...
sahabat ku sendiri..rakan kelasku..tikam belakang...
they in love each others...

In this case, im not put the blame 100% on asraf ,
things happened bcoz of me too..
i've never give my commitment to be his lover .
i've never give him my attentions..
but of course my heart r really2 hurt .

Asraf fight till he get me back . Almost 1month im ignore him
Everyday he text me without me reply..n he still keep text me again n again
I saw his effort ! Asraf really regret with what he did.
Dia bersungguh2 utk dapatkan balik chinta nya...yg sesat kat mne ntah .haha

Syukur. Alhamdulillah.
To have a man r really fall in love to me. 

12/4/2013 . The day im accept him back in my life.
After that day, everynite he make a call n recite Ayat Kursi to me bfore sleep.
Till now, asraf never failed to do that...he says, its my routine everynite.
Syukur Ya Allah dengan silaturrahim yang terjalin ini.

Dlm setiap doaku, mengharapkan jodohku adalah dengan insan yang hebat ini.
Jika aku memang tercipta untukmu, ku kan memilikmu.
Jodoh pasti bertemu .Amin

Insyallah dengan izinNya,