nazimaron9: SIPMA 2013 #MasumHockeyTeam

Saturday, November 23, 2013

SIPMA 2013 #MasumHockeyTeam

Salam..hai bloggers,entri kali ni...still about my lovely hockey 

last week i was represented MASUM Hockey team ..
such a great moments in my life .

I meet my new teamates , actlly most of us already know each other
but no so close...most of them are from setia cougar club , haha
my new hockey club actlly ..but not formal yet .

I really like this team . we r tough together till last day of this tournament .
Even, we r in 2nd place ..but its still awesome ..

First game was terrible but still give a fight ..
we r lost in position ...we play in wrong position .
so next game, all of us get usual position ,
n our performance improve game by game..

first time ever in my hockey life , i've done best scoring ever. ahahaha
reverse hit top net . datz da only goal i've score in this tournament. haha

Miss them ! rindu nx workout same2 tiap2 ptg ..
rindu nak jalan2 kat mall, hahahaha ..

Thanx to all players in this MASUM team 2013 .
Hope we can meet soon n play again together in one team . Insyallah .

p/s : mungkin sebab xpakai jersi no9..ak xdpt score byk ini kali . hahaha