nazimaron9: 1st observation. #praktikum

Tuesday, March 11, 2014

1st observation. #praktikum

Ive done my 1st observations by my lectrer last 2 days ago..
Its too bad presentation from worst moment ever !

Yes.Im not prepare too tired of many things...
still cant manage time to do my bussiness(rph)...that was my big mistake.
I dunno what happen to just not focus..! Cant describe what was bordering me...

I was being so bloody fool on my 1st obsrvtion..ive dissapointed my both mommas..they expect me can do better but i gve their opposite ..i know she was so dissapointed on me.
But, sumpah demi allah, not bcoz u r my observer i was take easy all that things..

NO ! Im not like that.... 
I know some people can judge me like that bcoz they r close to me.. wont do that !

Im just feel not focus n quite nervous bcoz i want do better but cant..hurmmmmm,
Sometimes, i just wonder why i choose this profession...why? Hurmm..i miss my old dreams... #InteractiveMediaDesign
If this is my faith, i need to be more sincere to do all that kind of profession need..hurmmm..bersyukur lah dengan rezeki yang tuhan berikan.